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Post by skullmar07 on Sun Oct 31, 2010 10:07 am

There was once a boy who dreamed of adventure every night. He'd see great battles with knights wearing armor of all kinds. He could hear the clanging of swords and see the bright sparks it made. He would even dream of fire breathing dragons with man on their back. These dreams made the boy day dream always of adventure no matter the time of day. His blue eyes shined with adventure behind his small glasses. He imagined himself in armor with his golden hair blowing in the wind. But when it all came back down to reality he was not the knightly type. Scrawnt arms and legs is all he had. Long limbed he may be although it counts for nothing. This boy's name is Shane Dawbly and this is my story.
I lay in bed one night with pen and paper. I kept a journal. I tried to wright in it every night about my day even though nothing new really happened. I couldn't help but to be up all night because tomorrow was my fifteenth birthday. I was so excited because i believed so many more doors would open for me. I could never have been more right. I finally decided to put away my paper, take off my glasses, and enjoy some rest.
CLANG! I was smack dab in the middle of a battle although I was not fighting. Some buildings lay in ruin around me and people everyhere were either battling or dead. I felt a tug on my leg and when I looked down i saw a tiny, little girl crying and holding a shredded teddy bear. "Ahduwah bach deu solone!" the girl said. I couldn't understand this foriegn language. The girl tugged my leg again and repeated, "Ahduwah bach deu solone!" I bent down to look at the little girl. "I'm sorry, but i don't know what you're saying!" I said to her. She pointed past me at the sky. I turned to look and was frightened at what I saw. A blood red dragon was flying through the sky breathing fire. "YEAAARH!" It let out a loud screech. It was so close to the ground I could see its gold eyes, the eyes that targeted me. I picked up the girl and ran for my life. The girl whispered yet again, "Ahduwah bach deu solone..." I looked at her. This took my mind off of the path so I tripped over my own two feet. I woke up face first on the floor. "...Ow..."

Thats all i have for now!! CLIFFHANGER!! Very Happy

first page of my book Zut54110
A.K.A. the Dragon Prophet!
A.K.A. the Dragon Prophet!

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